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Ginseng American, FE – 5057

LATIN NAME: Panax quinquefolius

PLANT FAMILY: Araliaceae

NATIVE TO: Eastern North America



Mood & Stress  Sleep Support

Hair, Skin and Nails Nervous System



American Ginseng, or Panax quinquefolius, is deeply valued for its adaptogenic properties, offering an array of health benefits tied to its naturally occurring compounds, such as ginsenosides. Distinct from its Asian counterpart with its ‘yin tonic’ qualities, American Ginseng is native to the deciduous forests of Eastern North America and is appreciated for its cooling and soothing abilities. American Ginseng’s application spans across various industries, seamlessly integrating with food, beverages, and dietary supplements aimed at supporting digestive health, sexual vitality, and the nervous system.


Bio-Botanica includes American Ginseng as a key player in our wide range of natural products, where it stands out for both its purity and comprehensive health-centric properties. Embrace the collected strength of nature with Bio-Botanica’s ingredients.

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