The 1 American Manufacturer of Botanical Extract-Based Products from Idea to Farm to CPG Since 1972

We put our over 50 years of expertise into turning our customer’s visions into reality.

Expert Botanical Extracts Manufacturer | Expert Herbal Extracts Manufacturer | Botanical Private labeling
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Crafting Success: Tailored Contract Manufacturing Solutions

From concept to creation, we tailor our approach to meet each customer's specific goals, whether it's refining an idea, outperforming competitors, or transitioning production.

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Expert Botanical Extracts Manufacturer | Expert Herbal Extracts Manufacturer
Unlocking Sourcing Success: 50 Years of Expertise

Navigating the complexities of global sourcing demands experience and diligence. At Bio-Botanica, we've honed our sourcing strength over five decades. We ensure the integrity of every material, empowering brands to thrive in a competitive marketplace.

Nature Meets Innovation: Pioneering Botanical Extraction

Our founder's vision sparked a legacy of innovation. We've crafted unique botanical extracts using proprietary processes like Bio-Chelated® cold extraction and EpiFytosomes® liposomal delivery. Our commitment to quality ensures products that harness the full potential of nature for optimal health benefits.

Your 1-Stop Solution: Family-Owned Botanical Manufacturer

As the 1 American family-owned manufacturer of botanical extract-based products, we offer comprehensive CPG solutions, with in-house testing and packaging for unmatched control and flexibility.

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Botanical Extract Expertise Built Over Generations
1:1 Personalized Care, Every Time: Family-Owned Dedication

Rooted in our own entrepreneurial journey, we understand the value of individual attention. With a legacy built on quality and gratitude, we treat every customer with the same level of personalized service, ensuring their needs are met with utmost care and attention."

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Botanical Extracts Manufacturing | Manfacture botanical extracts for supplements.
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