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LATIN NAME: Medicago sativa

PLANT FAMILY: Leguminosae

NATIVE TO: Turkey, Iran


WHAT DOES IT SUPPORT? Cardiovascular Support Digestive Support Hair, Skins and Nails


Mood & Stress
Sleep Support
Eye Support

Hailing from the fertile terrains of Turkey and Iran, Alfalfa has upheld the title, ‘father of all foods,’ for generations. As a proud member of the Leguminosae family, Medicago sativa is not just a nutrient powerhouse for the agricultural sector but also a cherished ingredient within Bio-Botanica’s range of products. This ingredient is a versatile addition to any health and wellness routine and positively supports cardiovascular and digestive health. Embracing its historical significance, Alfalfa is skillfully incorporated into consumable products, augmenting modern dietary habits with its traditional nutritional virtues.
Within the Bio-Botanica collection, Alfalfa’s beneficial attributes are carefully harnessed to support skin health and provide nutrients. Its natural extracts enrich an array of consumer products, from food and beverages to dietary supplements. Its application in personal care and health supplements exemplifies an innovative approach to harnessing the benefits of Alfalfa—adapted to fit the precise, evolved needs of today’s businesses seeking holistic, plant-based ingredients.

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