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Unleashing Nature's Best with Cutting-Edge Science: Experience the Synergy.

Bio-Botanica®: Top Manufacturer & Supplier of Quality Botanical Extracts for Personal Care, Supplements, Food/Beverage, and Cosmetics Industries

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Unlock the Power of Nature for your business with Botanical and Herbal Manufacturing.

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Personal Care/Cosmetics

Bio-Botanica manufactures over 1000 products specifically designed for application in Personal Care and Cosmetics, utilizing environmentally friendly solvents such as Zemea.

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Liquid Extracts

Pioneering Liquid Extracts: Explore Bio-Botanica's alcohol-free solutions, as the first company to develop innovative, high-quality botanical extracts for holistic wellness products.

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Powdered Extracts

Bio-Botanica manufactures powdered extracts for a wide range of applications both water soluble or highly compressible

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Specialty Products

Customized Specialty Products: Our manufacturing and private label company creates tailor-made extracts, catering to specific needs, enhancing holistic wellness and empowering your brand's natural product offerings.

Botanical Extracts Manufacturing | Manfacture botanical extracts for supplements.
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