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LATIN NAME: Piper methysticum

PLANT FAMILY: Piperaceae

NATIVE TO:Western pacific islands

KEY CHEMICAL CONSTITUENTS: kavalactones, flavones, chalcones

AROMA/TASTE: Kava root has a peppery smell with an earthy,
bitter taste.

STANDARDIZED: 35mg Kavalactones per 1mL


Mood & Stress  Sleep Support



Kava has been cultivated by Pacific Islanders for thousands of years and its root prepared as a beverage to promote relaxation, calmness, and sleep. Kava contains several classes of chemicals, including kavalactones, flavone, chalcones and many others. The products listed here are not standardized, but if you are interested in an ingredient standardized to kavalactone percentage, be sure to view our, Kava- 6®. Bio-Botanica’s Kava-6® is extracted using Bio-Botanica’s proprietary Bio-Chelated® cold extraction process, to maintain.

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