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What We Do

Our Philosophy

The therapeutic value of a plant extract lies in its ‘holistic balance’ of components, which Bio-Botanica® captures using our pioneering Bio-chelated® extraction technique. We now employ the same holistic principles to our ‘holistically balanced® botanical authentication.’

Traditionally, phytochemical authentication involves the analysis of one or a few components. Our innovative ‘holistic authentication™’ expands upon tradition to capture the entire phytochemical spectrum of a plant. We obtain a ‘botanical fingerprint’ using state of the art LC/MS-MS along with other proprietary analytical techniques. The data is analyzed using advanced chemometric approaches, including Principal Component Analysis (PCA), which can detect minor deviations from the natural balance.

The result of our ‘holistic authentication™’ is a botanical product that is as close to nature as possible. The value is passed on to both you, and the consumer, who can rest assured that the botanical extract in your hand is authentic, safe, and effective.

Advantages of the Advanced Botanical Fingerprint Technology®

The advantages of the ‘holistic balance’ approach to botanical authentication are numerous and include:

  • Detection of botanical adulterants (purposeful or accidental).
  • Analysis of marker compound(s), both inqualitative and quantitative.
  • Pesticide monitoring.
  • Detection of contaminants from agriculture, harvesting, shipping, and processing.
  • Identification of microbial contamination.
  • Detection of degradation.
  • Heavy metal analysis.

Our process is so sensitive we can even detect differences amongst:

  • Harvest season.
  • Geographic location.
  • Environmental conditions.
  • Post harvest handling.

“We harvest Earth’s richest botanicals, so that we can prepare for you the finest, most efficacious ingredients available.”


Bio-Chelation® is a proprietary process developed by Frank D’Amelio Sr. The process stays away from the high alcoholic, heavy toxic solvents or heat applications and instead uses cold low alcoholic menstruums carefully adapted to each individual plant and its constituents. It is then concentrated under high vacuum in either glass lined or stainless steel vessels.

Our extracts are unique with maximum potency without any undesirable excipient and easily solubilized giving a clean non-turbid very effective product with excellent physical and chemical characteristics unavailable from any other competitor.

Our extracts are holistically balanced® possessing the full spectrum of constituents matching as close as possible the way they exist in the natural plant.

Specialized Services

Bio Botanica®’s 160,000 square foot kosher-inspected and GMP certified manufacturing facility follows strict GMP, SOP & GLP procedures. Our broad-range manufacturing services include custom extracting, blending, spray-drying, vacuum drying, and milling, enabling us to deliver high-quality products to meet your needs. We can also provide organic extracts on a custom basis.