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"To inspire, empower and enhance the quality of life for all"


To inspire healthy living by offering products that empower each and every one of us to take charge of our health.


Our Facilities

Bio-Botanica® employs a professional staff of natural product chemists, pharmacognosists, microbiologists, formulation chemists and herbalists. Our Analytic Chemists utilize state-of-the-art equipment such as HPLC, FTIR, GC/MS, LC/MS-MS, TLC, ICP/MS & TOC to properly validate botanical quality, integrity and purity. Our experienced staff and modern laboratories are a tremendous resource when looking for solutions to your botanical applications.

Bio-Botanica® houses one of the oldest and most impressive private Herbariums in the United States. This priceless resource contains over 800 authenticated herbal plant samples, as they appear in nature, and have been obtained from all corners of the world. Authenticated samples from the Herbarium serve as the standard by which all incoming raw material is judged. Using carefully controlled extraction techniques, we have developed a library of standard extracts that serve the ‘authentic botanical fingerprints’.

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