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Arnica Montana Flower – Native

LATIN NAME:Arnica montana


NATIVE TO:Western North America



Nervous System
Hair, Skins and Nails

Arnica Montana Flower, commonly referred to as Arnica, graces the mountainous regions of western North America with its bright blooms and is held in high esteem in herbal remedy traditions. Regardless of the allure of its vivid flowers, Arnica is strictly for external use; ingesting it can lead to toxic effects. It is widely recognized in the cosmetic and personal care sectors, valued for its skin benefits and ability to support the nervous system when used topically. Arnica Montana Flower is rich in a variety of bioactive compounds, underscoring its treasured role in therapeutic applications.

As a vital component of the Bio-Botanica product line, Arnica Montana Flower extract stands out for promoting recovery and soothing properties through topical applications. The extract is not intended for internal consumption due to its powerful properties and must always be handled with care.

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